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Wuji Technology is a benefits corporation that has a big aspiration to focus on projects aimed at solving social and environmental problems using sustainable principles and leveraging some of the latest trends in technology. We are outdoor enthusiasts and eco-warriors with 8 years experience working on complex global information systems and process initiatives that have provided services such as: program, project or product management, business analysis and operations management.

Wújí 無極 – Is a Chinese compound word composed of “wu” (without/none) and “ji” (limits/end) and thus translated in different Chinese philosophical and cosmological texts as boundless or limitless. It is the point in creation where an idea is born and something comes into being. All things begin as Wújí.

Our Projects

We are excited to share some of the things we are working on.

Open Data: Jacksonville, FL
Analysis / Planning & Execution
Waterway Tech: Jacksonville, FL
Planning & Execution

Proud supporters of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development